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Our unique approach to remote interior design lets you enjoy a refreshing space centered around your personality – without sacrificing anything!
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Our specialty is designing spaces to fit YOUR personality and lifestyle – combining aesthetics with increased functionality so you enjoy living in your new space.

We make designing over Zoom easy with our thorough before-and-after process. It's the straightforward way to get an actionable design you love, from anywhere in the world.
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Your Reimagined Space Can Give You…
Eliminated Stress
It’s no secret: your space impacts your mindset. Our functional designs are artfully crafted to give you less physical clutter and more mental zen. Be amazed by your home!
Infinite Inspiration
There’s no one on Earth quite like you. That’s why our designs are centered around your unique needs, so you walk into your space feeling confident, energized and ready to flourish.
Fully optimized spaces give you endless opportunities to thrive, creating a vacuum for everything from effortless productivity to enjoyment, pleasure, relaxation, even focus.
Unhindered Productivity And Abundance Of Life!
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A Note From Our Interior Design Guru
“Feng Shui With A Twist”
I’m Myriam, founder and design director of Mymi International. If you’ve landed on this page, chances are your current work or living space is feeling a bit off.

Maybe you’re in desperate need of more storage, but don’t know how to make room.

Maybe you’d like a room that just feels more like you, but haven’t got a clue where to start. Whatever the case may be, know this:

“There is no space or project too small to be totally reimagined with uncompromising style.”
Working with Myriam
Now, my team and I are bringing our passion for design to homes all across the Globe using our customized packages and a la carte services via remote interior design!

We’re creating a more vibrant world, one reimagined den, home office, bedroom, and bathroom at a time! So, will your space be next?
From My Home To Yours,
I spent years studying and observing the best in France and Spain. As a result, it is my mission to bring the functional art of classic feng shui into the modern world with a trendy, edgy twist.

In each and every one of my projects, I strive to create the kind of space that makes my clients feel as if they’ve just stepped into a chic oasis that unapologetically reflects who they are at a core level. In other words, we create style that refuses to compromise.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you unapologetically express yourself.
My design philosophy
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The Proof Is In The Pictures…
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Carolyn was struggling to have her extra room containing a crafting nook, an office to do video consultation for her and a gaming space for her husband. She also wanted to achieve an uncluttered and natural feel to this space.

We created 3 distinct spaces for each function and created a nice artwork background for her video calls. The storage spaces were grouped to give a lighter feeling in the room and allow a better energy flow while adding some contrast that would enhance the nice red brick wall. All this with a maximum budget of $1000!
Jamal had just moved in his new apartment offering a wonderful view on the city landscape. He was going with a minimalist vision but wanted the place to be welcoming. Priorities were given to the work area and having the possibility to free space easily in the living room to work out.

The setup ensured an airy separation with the open kitchen, a dedicated comfortable space to work during the days. The separation of function allowed to create a good background for video calls. The living room furniture have round soft shapes, are colorful and can be moved around easily.
Alicja and her partner had just moved into their new house and needed help to create a space for work during the day and gaming afterwards in a small bedroom. They were looking for a playful environment and to be able to store books and other items. The living room was a blank canvas as well awaiting to be woken up.

Strong contrasts were applied in the small multifonction room while keeping the tones quite natural and the living/dining room was filled with acidulous happy colors while balancing it with the view on the garden and the classic fireplace.
Lenka was looking to rethink her whole family apartment and one part of this project was to take advantage of the big entrance to add a working area while having this place still functional and pleasant to work in quietly.

The wall painting allowed us to create the illusion of a separation and isolate a new activity of the room while adding more functional storage space.
Noel, in his process of renovating a house, wanted to integrate a home office to be shared in a small bedroom and a reading nook in the previous dining area. He had a clear intention of having a modern feel to the office space.

We reached a solution by centering a narrow glass table in the office, enhancing the natural light that comes in the big window. The reading nook has softer tones and allows to relax with the family or alone with your book.
Transform Your Space In Just 3 Simple Steps
Our Signature “New School"
Design Method
Step 1 - The Consultation
Our process is focused on one thing: bringing your visions to life and personalizing your space around you. During your consultation, we’ll cover every aspect of your ideal space including inspirations, moods, and functional needs so I can gain valuable insight into the kind of vibe that brings out your best work.
Step 2 - The Framework
After our initial meeting, I’ll put together everything I need to bring your dream space to life )based around your budget.) Each detail, measurement and must-have feature will be taken into account, leaving no stone unturned on the path to your new space. 
Step 3 - The Realization
Within just a few days, you’ll have your completed layout with comprehensive shopping lists, instructions, and any insights you’ll need to set-up your space. The only thing that’s left is to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of a space that really speaks to YOU!
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